Are promotional products still relevant to marketing efforts?

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Marketing efforts are in most of the cases online based nowadays, and many seem to forget about the wonders of a well-developed promotional product marketing campaign. At least, this is what experts claim. While online marketing campaigns are incredibly effective, you have to take into account an approach that expands your opportunities and allows you to reach to more potential clients, from various backgrounds. Not all your clients may have the same level of IT literacy. In fact, many may not even use the Internet. However, many will enjoy a branded cup, or a pen, or even an umbrella, for those rainy days. Below are some reasons for which you should include such products in your marketing efforts.


When developing a marketing campaign, you most certainly pay great attention to the costs involved. Reaching more potential clients is your main goal, and such products will help you deal with this matter in an affordable fashion. Since the variety of products form which you can choose is so varied, there is something to fit every enterprise’s budget. From logo branded umbrellas, to pens, desk calendars, and so on. However, experts advise choosing those types of products with increased usefulness. For instance, branded umbrellas can be easily used during those rainy days, and if your logo or motto is printed on those, more people will find out about your company, products and services. And as many advertising campaigns have a goal of increasing brand awareness, this is exactly what will you succeed by using those as your first choice.

Branded products are popular

There is truth in numbers, and as statistics show, 8 out of 10 consumers in the US have around them at multiple times branded promotional products. More than this, 6 out of those, will keep those for at least two years before disposing of those. Almost 90% of those who have received a promotional bag or promotional products, can recall the company’s name even after years. More than 60% of those who don’t particularly need the products, will gift them to their loved ones. This means that your efforts with such products are not in vain. People enjoy those, and apparently, such products increased brand awareness in a very effective fashion.

They double in purpose as business cards

Traditional business cards are still strong, but so are promotional branded gifts. These include your company’s contact details and address and double as a more advanced business card. After all, if the potential client enjoys your products, they can simply give you a call and order more.

These are how those more traditional advertising tools contribute and improve your marketing efforts. Instant brand recognition, brand awareness and a cost-effective solution that can be implemented with some simple calls and meetings with a specialized company. Keep in mind that not all your clients are the same, and some might truly enjoy an old-fashioned advertising product. Blend the two approaches and expand your audience considerably.