How to Determine Social Media ROI

How to Determine Social Media ROI

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Knowing your return of investment on social media advertising will help you effectively manage and improve your marketing strategy, providing both useful insight into where you are going wrong, as well as your business’s most profitable strengths. The prospect of calculating your social media ROI may seem daunting, but there is actually a delightfully simple approach that can help you determine which social media outlets are bringing the most revenue and where you need to improve your efforts.

Why Measuring ROI is so Important

The main reason companies enter the social media arena is because it’s the very first place mentioned on virtually every website that is connected to marketing or business. Oftentimes, you’ll hear how certain companies have skyrocketed on social media outlets, and how you need to be active on sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. But if you’re not keeping track of what’s going on, how much is being spent and what results you are really getting, it’s difficult to say whether your efforts are paying off.

With that said, measuring your social media is important because:

● You’ll be able to determine which social media outlets are most profitable for you.
● You’ll see where you need to improve.
● You’ll have a clear idea of which specific changes are impacting your goals.
Define What You Want
Before you can truly measure your return, you need to establish your goals. They should be connected to a specific campaign and quantifiable. In a nutshell, your goals should be something you can link a numerical value to. For example:
● E-book downloads
● Purchases
● Email list sign-up

How to Measure Your Goals

Once you are clearly defined your goals, the next step to start tracking them. This is why it’s so important to set up goals that are based on visitors taking some sort of action. One of the easiest ways to monitor your goals is by using Google Analytics. On your Google Analytics dashboard, you first go to Acquisition>Social>Conversions. If you haven’t set up your goals yet, here is where you’ll be prompted to create them. Click on “Set Up Goals.”

Determine Which Platforms Are Best

to reach your social media goals, your strategies need to align perfectly with your platforms. Find out where your audience spends most of their time. Are they primarily on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? When determining a target market, you need to know which platforms they prefer and exactly how much time they are spending there. this is where you will set up the goal you decided on earlier. For example, if your goal is for newsletter signups, you’ll need to create a thank you page for when someone subscribes.

Get Tracking

You need to track the cost of ads, time spent and campaigns you’ve launched as part of your social media marketing plan. There are several ways to do this including free tools such as Google Analytics to paid program such a Simply Measured.

Review and Rethink

After you have all of the stats in front of you, then you can calculate your ROI and see the results of your marketing efforts, including what worked and what didn’t. If you weren’t satisfied with your results, we recommend trying out our social media scraper which will increase the effectiveness of your outreach.

Tracking you ROI isn’t impossible, but it does take planning and a well-organized strategy. And remember, the more organized your are, the more accurate your results will be.

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Website design – important things to consider

Website design – important things to consider

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In modern times, it is vital to design a website when you have a company, because it is the most effective way to reach to potential customers, and promote your services. When interested in finding a certain information, people look online mainly, because they find the answer to their questions easier. Therefore, if you want your business to be successful, you should consider discussing with a professional company that offers website design Toronto, because if you do not have a website, you should consider creating one. The website represents your company, so take your time to share your ideas with the developers, and do not launch it for public until you are not contempt with the result. In case you do not have the needed knowledge to know what aspects are important in designing an online platform for a company, you should take a look at the following list, because you will find all the information you need.

Design planning and architecture

This is one of the aspects, you have to consider before starting designing the website, because you have to know what you want it to accomplish. In addition, you should talk with the marketing team of your firm, and see what internet strategy you would use. On the web there are two types of people, some of them are interested in finding information, others have the needed knowledge and do not visit your website for doing research, because they are ready to act. Therefore, it would be ideal for your website to meet these two requirements, because in this way you are sure that you attract a large number of visitors.

Analyze the competition

Because the online and offline market is so varied, there are definitely other companies that provide the same services as you do, and they might have websites. Therefore, you should ask the developers to analyze the way they have their website designed, or you can do this by yourself. You have to check how they accomplish their goals, and if they are doing something different from the rest of the companies. After doing the analyse you have to discuss with the developers, and see what options you have if you want to set your website apart from the others.

Hire a SEO specialist

Sometimes the developers of the website might not have a thorough SEO knowledge, and they might not design it to be SEO friendly. You should not ignore this aspect, because SEO has the power to place your website in the top pages of the search engines, and potential clients would find it easier. Therefore, if the website developers are not able to offer you these services, then you should ask SEO professionals to check it, and optimise it. There are different SEO techniques they could use to optimise your website, and if you want to have success in the future, you can opt for an extended collaboration, because they offer not only onsite services but also off-site ones, for improving your rankings.

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Bitcoins – what can you actually buy with them

Bitcoins – what can you actually buy with them

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In the last few years, numerous merchants, some of them even worldly renowned have decided to accept bitcoin as a method of payment for the products and services they provide. Although there are still many people who do not know exactly what bitcoin is and how it can be used, the number of those who decide to resort to this type of virtual currency continues to increase by the day. This is also one of the reasons why platforms where you can buy and sell bitcoins instantly have emerged on the internet. Here is a list of things you can buy using this form of payment.

Use them on e-commerce sites to buy goods

It is worth mentioning that global computing giant Microsoft decided to add bitcoin as a means of payment on numerous online platforms back in 2014, which allowed people to use them in order to purchase content such as games, videos or apps from the giant’s platforms. Ever since, many other important companies have embraced the bitcoin trading method, thus giving people the possibility to pay for the goods they are interested in, using virtual currency.

You can book hotel rooms

Another amazing thing you can do with your bitcoins is to book hotel rooms. Recently, many hotels have announced that they now accept bitcoin transactions for all of their hotel bookings, integrating bitcoin into the list of payment options for their customers, next to Visa and PayPal. As a result, if you plan to travel to another country, you should definitely consider checking whether the hotel where you are going to stay for the period accepts bitcoin as a form of payment or not.

You can pay in restaurants and bars

Many managers of restaurants and bars have understood how important bitcoins have turned out to be and were impressed by people’s rapid increase of interest for this kind of payment, so they saw an opportunity in this and decided to allow their customers to pay for their orders with bitcoins. It is true that for the moment there are not so many restaurants and bars that have allowed this to happen, but experts believe the number will significantly increase in the near future, so keep an eye on your favourite restaurant to see when they will allow bitcoin payments.

You can buy different services

You already know that you can use bitcoins to buy the products and goods you are interested in from your favourite providers, but did you know that you could use this form of currency to buy services as well? A popular direct-broadcast satellite service provider in the US announced it has accepted bitcoin payments, which means that now millions of pay-TV subscribers can opt for spending their bitcoins to pay for this type of services. Big companies from other domains have resorted to similar actions, thus making bitcoins more popular with each day.

Overall, these are only several examples of ways in which you can spend your bitcoins, not to mention that there are many advantages that come with using bitcoins as a means of payment.

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Secure your business data today – choose online backup

Secure your business data today – choose online backup

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If you want your business to achieve success, you should know that it is a combination of many things, like a good budgeting plan, experienced employees and a right IT set-up. In the majority of cases, business managers are focusing on the first ones, and forget about the last, which is in many of the situations the one that has the power to make or break a business. You should not waste your time investing in the basics and forget about the bigger picture, because if you want your business to grow in the future, and be secure in case something wrong happens, you should consider online backup UK. As with any business, the data regarding your company is very important, and you have to be sure that you have access to it, even if an accident happens. The best way to do this is to hire online data backup services.

What online data backup implies?

You might not have experience in this domain, but you should know that online backup is a process, which implies storing copies from your data on an offsite remote server. You have two options in this situation, to invest in your own infrastructure and hardware or to contract a third party provider. You should know that the majority of companies that need online backup choose to contract a third-party provider, because it offers many advantages.

Secure your business from physical damage

You might think that in case of physical damage, your data will not be affected, but if you think thoroughly, you will realise that once the storage equipment is broke, you also lose the information. Therefore, if you choose to store your data on a copy on an external server, you can be sure that your information is safe in case of flooding or fire. In addition, you should know that even a small accident like throwing coffee on a keyboard could lead to data loss.

Avoid hard drive crashes

In case you are in the business for many years, your equipment might be old, and specialists state that the lifespan of a computer is no longer than five years, so if yours are older, they might break at a certain point and you might lose all your information. Because you try to save money, you might not replace the equipment from your company every five years, because you consider it functional, but if you choose not to upgrade it, it is crucial to have it stored on an off-site server.

Be secured from theft, viruses and malware

Depending on the domain you provide your services, you might experience at a certain point, data theft, and you have to be sure that you can recover all the information in order to be able to run your company. In addition, in modern times almost every company could experience cybercrime problems, so you have to be sure that if you have to deal with viruses or encryption, you would be able to recover your data.


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Digital marketing: a walk in the future

Digital marketing: a walk in the future

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Surely you have heard about digital marketing. Most people have. The Internet is quickly gaining ground and entrepreneurs are well aware of this fact. So, it makes perfect sense to ask themselves if switching to the online market might not be the correct decision. In most cases, the answer is yes. Whether you are talking about e-commerce platforms, applications or simple presentation websites, digital marketing is the right choice. The Internet is the future, whether or not everyone agrees with this reality. So, if you decide to head on straight forward in this direction, you have to do it right. Digital marketing is the key. The term is probably known to you, but perhaps you are interested in discovering more aspects regarding it. The domain is quite broad and if you should decide to visit website such as, you will understand exactly how diverse it is. There are plenty of services that experts of this kind can offer you. If you are asking yourself why invest in these services, then here are a few reasons.

Win over clients, the smart way

Digital marketing is not only about planning events and launching online campaigns. It is about getting to know your public, a different kind of public this time. The people that will be looking for products and services online are completely different from those that prefer the land based market. It is time that entrepreneurs start investing in tools that can offer them the necessary data about the public. It is time to learn more about the online world and its vivid participants, if you want to resist on the market. Otherwise, the competition on the online market might be too much for you to handle.

Spreading the word

Traditional marketing is about spreading the word, so it should not surprise that its cousin, digital marketing, has the same goals. This time, getting the word around is done in a completely different manner, a more modern one. Services part of this domain include SEO and emailing campaigns, branding, social media marketing Adwords and so on. All these techniques focus on getting the regular customer interested in your business. The results are visible in most occasions and quite fast as well.

Branding is the key!

Surely you can imagine that one of the biggest goals any company has is managing to build a brand, a name for itself. Once your company is separated from others similar to it in terms of services or products, you can say that you are actually enjoying a bit of success and having your own public. Branding is about gaining a public. Digital marketing can help you in this regard. Experts part of this domain will use the right tools and manage to build a name for your company. The Internet is a large and competitive field and the truth is that you could use all the help you can find to win a small part of this field. People will conduct branded online searches looking specifically for your company. You can easily imagine how this can be translated in terms of profit and sales.


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The perks of custom web application development

The perks of custom web application development

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There are certain factors that provide opportunities for your business to experience growth and expansion. Probably the greatest need of your business is software. Web-based applications in particular help you automatically manage your business online, not to mention that they enable you to use the time gained for other activities. However, you should pay great attention to whom you hire. While there are many people that claim they know what an online platform is, they do not even understand the basic meaning of a website application. What you should look for is a web application development company that is ready to develop software products and service. At present, web application development acquires customization in accordance with your needs and those of the users. A software development company has a range of solutions that bring about many advantages.

Using web application services

Software companies from all over the world have created a niche for customized services. These services have significantly contributed to website browsing and it is important to mention that they have also simplified data management operations. Taking into consideration the immense inflow of traffic from visitors all over the world, management of such an enormous data does not pose any difficulties for your business.

Coordination of business processes

Internet-based software assists you with coordinating various business processes by providing you a central archive of information. The firm has the possibility of updating and manipulating the content, not to mention that it is able to install new tools and designs so as to make turn the business into a present-day one. The company that designs the software takes into account the needs of the company, reason why it is capable of enhancing the function of the organization. The product is tailor-made according to your specifications so as to best serve your needs. Basically, you have guarantee that the software makes a great fit for all your requirements.

You do not need a license

Not few are the cases in which business owners license the software from a vendor only to find out that it is not at all suitable for the needs of the organization. One of the great benefits of custom applications is the fact that you do not need a license in order to use the program and you can thus make any changes that need to be made without having to ask for permission. On the contrary, you can at any given time incorporate the changes that the users are asking for.

More scalable than off-the-shelf web applications

Custom business web applications are more scalable than off-the-shelf ones. Since developers operate on a contractual basis, as your business starts to grow in size they will continue maintaining the program. Custom business software operates without any errors, so you will not have to worry about continual errors that keep users from using the program. if you really want to avoid this kind of problem, ten you should definitely hire a software development company to make something according to your needs.

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