Top Ways to Spend your Free Time

Top Ways to Spend your Free Time

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When having a hectic work schedule, most people fail to remember how important it is to allocate some free time to themselves. If stress has become a constant problem in your life, learning about a few useful ways to spend your free time will certainly come in handy. Here are a few activities you should include in your schedule:

Playing games

  • Relaxation
  • Entertainment
  • Stress-relief

One great way you can spend you free time in order to achieve relaxation, and to have fun at the same time is playing games online. The internet stands at your disposal with an extensive selection of options, such as bingo. While playing Irish Luck, for example, you can manage to surpass daily worries, entertain yourself, and also have the great opportunity of winning money, which always comes as a plus. Although playing games might not seem a productive way of spending your time, if you research the topic more amply, you will find out that this activity comes with various advantages. Besides giving you the chance to have fun and relax, studies have shown that online games can also help you make faster decisions, ease pain, being often used as a post-injury prescription (because you are focusing on other body mechanisms) and they might also help you improve your problem solving skills.

Learning a new hobby

Hobbies should be a part of the life of any healthy individual. Spending time doing something you are truly passionate about allows you to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Besides helping you cope with stress, learning a new hobby can also push you into breaking up routine, by challenging you in a new way, adds richness to your identity and promotes new social connections. By partaking in new types of activities, you will enrich your life considerably, and the benefits following will be both short and long term.


  • Helps you control your thoughts and mind
  • Decreases physical tension
  • Recharges your batteries

A thing that most people tend to overlook is the importance of meditation in their lives.  Making some time to mediate on a regular basis is beneficial for the body and mind, stilling anxiety, improving sleep and the overall quality of life. Once you start meditating in your free time, you will notice its effectiveness in helping you become a more emotional stable and positive person.


  • Improving physical and mental health
  • Reducing long-term effects of stress

One last thing you definitely should incorporate in your schedule, regardless of how much free time you actually have is exercising. A half hour of exercise a day can truly do wonders in terms of stress-relief and mental health. While you will be burning calories, building muscles and getting in shape you will also be revitalizing your spirit and get endorphins flowing. While working out is essential for a healthy lifestyle, it can become even more beneficial if you are dealing with a stressful work environment.

Managing to detach yourself from stress and work related problems might seem challenging at first, but if you find the perfect ways to spend your free time, becoming a calmer and happier person will be achievable. You can use the ideas mentioned above, or you can come up with your own free time activities, all that matters is valuing your free time and using it in a self-fulfilling way.

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Software Development: Where the IoT Money Really Sits

Software Development: Where the IoT Money Really Sits

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For all that we’ve heard about the Internet of Things (IoT), it would seem that there is a tremendous amount of money to be made in a digital environment with very few boundaries. Actually, there is. It’s just that the money is not sitting where most people think it is. Rather than profits being generated by device manufacturers and the computer chips that power the IoT, the real money is in software development. More specifically, it is a nearshore software development.


The early years of the IoT as a business model saw manufacturers competing for dominance with their latest and greatest devices. Everyone from the cell phone maker to the major appliance company was reaching out to customers in the hope of attracting them with the connectivity of those devices. But hardware is cheap.


We have done such a good job of mastering the mass production beast that we can produce tons of equipment and hardware for next to nothing. And what we cannot produce affordably here can certainly be manufactured in China. That means profit margins on hardware and IoT-ready devices are virtually nonexistent. Every company investing in the next connected device (and there are now literally billions of the active worldwide) will be lucky to break even, let alone make a profit. To make money in the IoT, you have to play in the software development arena.


Universal Connectivity and Service Platforms


As evidence that software development is the moneymaking machine in IoT technology, consider the reality that Cisco spent $1.4 billion to acquire a much smaller company named Jasper earlier this year (2016). Jasper’s claim to fame is a cloud-based IoT service platform that makes it possible for device manufacturers to effectively monetize their IoT technologies worldwide.


The biggest challenge of the IoT is one of universal service and connectivity. Hardware and device manufacturers all have ways of doing things, resulting in various ways of communicating over the Internet. Their devices do not play together very well if they don’t utilize the same communication methods. Companies such as Jasper have stepped in with software development to create platforms that offer universal service and connectivity. Cisco’s lavish spending to acquire Jasper shows just how important this is.


Cloud Computing Environments


Equally important to the IoT are the cloud computing environments that make mobile computing possible. And this is where nearshore software development really shines. Where companies such as Microsoft and Amazon laid the foundation for cloud development a decade ago, smaller tech companies are picking up the torch and carrying it into the future. It is that collection of domestic and nearshore software developers that are creating the cloud-based platform and flexible APIs necessary to effectively utilize the IoT for good.


Big Data Ties It All Together


Last but not least is the reality that without Big Data, the IoT would be virtually useless as a marketing tool. But Big Data itself is still a relatively new beast. Making it work in the era of the IoT requires creative and innovative software developers capable of figuring out how to use all of the data collected by billions of devices.


Once again, nearshore software development is a big part of this. In countries like Mexico and Argentina, the supply of young, tech-savvy workers are far more than we have available here. And these young people are the kinds of innovators the industry needs to exploit Big Data.


The real money in the IoT is in software. Is it any wonder we are seeing an explosion of companies south of our border offering nearshore software development? Not really.

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Tips for successful exhibition and trade show stands  

Tips for successful exhibition and trade show stands  

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Running an exhibition stand is quite difficult, especially if you are planning to have it during a trade show. There are probably going to be plenty of other similar stands around yours, so given such a fierce competition, you have to do something to stand out of the crowd. Direct promotion is known to be one of the most efficient advertising strategies, so remember to make the best out of it. When participating in a trade show, it seems that the key to success is making sure you manage to attract people towards your stand and have as many visitors as possible. Only this way they can convince themselves about the quality of the products or goods you are offering. Experts claim there is an art of arranging exhibition stands, so here are some useful tips you can implement:

Use quality materials

A lot of people think an exhibition stand is just a small table, a panel placed on in the background and some flyers or posters, but this is completely false. The success of such an establishment lies in the quality of the set and the promo materials you use. For this reason, remember to invest in the right products which can appeal the public because they deliver a professional message. It is a huge mistake not to check the information written on the flyers or the quality of the paper used for printings: if these look cheap, you have already lost the interest of your audience. In addition to this, you should try to choose furniture and accessories that look neat and professional: a large table that must not be cluttered under any circumstance and some display boards are a great suggestion.

Create a joyful atmosphere

Regardless the products or services you are displaying or advertising, remember that you have to find a balance between professionalism and friendliness. Have your promotional staff wear elegant outfits, but tell them to always be smiley and eager to help. No one wants to meet grumpy people who cannot answer their questions, so make sure your people are prepared and skilled. If the event allows it, you can even get creative and try some original strategies of attracting customers: experiment with lighting, organise some interactive games, play music and eye catching videos on a display screen. All these will lead to a joyful atmosphere, which will definitely help you get a higher number of visitors on your stand.

Keep tracking

In the rush of the moment, you may forget to evaluate the situation. However, remember that most great businesses do not rely on the fact that they are going to sign contracts or sell products there and then. Generally, the key performance indicator for an exhibition stand is the number of visitors, who are likely to become customers in the period following the event. That is why you should keep tracking of your stand traffic and even get contact details from people who seem interested in a potential collaboration.


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The use of technology in finding pharmacist jobs easier

The use of technology in finding pharmacist jobs easier

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In the case of newly graduated pharmacists, finding a job right after the graduation might be difficult. The competition in this filed is quite harsh and everyone is looking for the best job position from the very beginning. In case you are one of those persons who are looking for the best pharmacist jobs UK, you should do some quick research on the Internet right away and look for the best online recruitment platform that provides jobs in this domain. In case you are interested in learning what the major role of technology in finding the dream job is, you should read some useful information below.

Online recruitment platforms are very useful

Sure, you can search for a job in this domain in the local newspaper, but you have to agree that the options are limited. You will only find a few adverts regarding vacant jobs in the pharmacy field. This is the reason why you should resort to technology. Living in the era of rush has made people utilize technology daily and especially the Internet, and in most cases even several times a day. Most people spend at least two hours on their smartphone, connected to various social networks or browsing the Internet. In the past years, the number of online recruitment platforms has significantly increased, not to mention that more and more people have resorted to this method the moment they were searching for a job position in a certain domain. It is worth mentioning that some online platforms are even specialized on specific domains, such as the medical field, which makes the search for your dream job a lot easier.

What you need to use these platforms

First of all, you need Internet connection in order to have access to these websites. In order to be able to find jobs on such online recruitment platforms the second thing you need to do is create an account on them. Most websites offer their visitors the possibility to create an account for free, so you do not have to worry that you will have to pay any fees regarding this matter. Using these online platforms is quite easy, since you have everything you need in plain view. As a result, you will not spend too much time looking for the things you are interested in. You can use the search filters too in case you are looking only for a specific job position.

Why choose this method

Some people might wonder why they should opt for this method instead of the traditional one, which implies searching in the local newspapers. There is nothing wrong in searching for job positions in newspapers, but you have to agree that it takes longer time, since you have to keep a pen in one hand and the newspaper in the other and read every advert you find under the job-offers category. It is a lot easier and more time-effective to search the Internet for the dream job in pharmacy, especially because you can access these websites at any hour, be it night or day.

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