Crucial mistakes that often happen in app design

Crucial mistakes that often happen in app design

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Considering that there are over 45 trillion apps available in PlayStore, it is important to create a new app having the user experience in mind at all times, as this is the only way in which you can get people to download and keep the app. There are many developers who might persuade users to download their app initially, but they delete it as soon as they begin using it, because it just provides poor user experience. To this extent, these are the crucial mistakes that any professional Android development company should avoid:

Treating the smartphone experience as if it was a desktop

This is one of the biggest mistakes that many developers tend to make. Essentially, they create miniature versions of their desktop website, when in fact mobile users expect something completely different. The fonts and images should be properly sized so that the user does not have to zoom in on everything and everything should be literally at their fingertip, because this way the app has much more chances of success.

Expecting all users to be the same

Just because you expect something when you use an app for the first time, it does not mean that everyone else does the same thing. This is why it is very important to invest in user testing before you launch your app on the market, as this way you will manage to anticipate any problem from the beginning and fix it before the app even reaches its final users. You can either organize a testing group among your colleagues or you can use a software testing company that can send your app to actual users in order to receive real feedback.

Overstuffing the app

This means you will use too many images and too much text in your app, which in turn will lead to user confusion. Try to create an app that is as intuitive as possible, without cluttering it with images that will only confuse the user regarding what they should click on next. Keep things simple and you will see that your app is more successful.

You ask users to register before giving them access to your app

This is by far the mistake that will cost you the most because you are bound to lose the majority of your users this way. Only people who really need whatever you are offering will be willing to spend time registering in order to use the app. You should create an app that makes the user appreciate it for its value and thus willing to register on it.

These are the main design flaws that many developers seem to overlook these days and you should make sure your app does not have them either if you want to be successful. No matter how much you will advertise it afterwards, if it does not offer a great user experience, chances are it will not be as successful as you would have hoped for and your entire investment will have been for nothing.