Do paper business cards enjoy the same relevance in the digital era?

Do paper business cards enjoy the same relevance in the digital era?

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Taking into consideration that most consumers nowadays hold a mobile device in their hands at all times, businesses must conform to the trend. This explains the appearance of digital business cards, fact that makes us wonder: has the traditional paper alternative become old-fashioned or useless? There are different opinions in relation to this debate in the corporate world. While some people strongly believe that a digital format cannot replace the human interaction, others incline towards this variant because it allows them to connect with the new generation. If you think about it, both paper business cards and digital business cards are indispensable for an entrepreneur because both enable them to share information with prospects while representing a powerful marketing tool. Still, which one is the best option for businesses out there? Should entrepreneurs bother printing paper business cards or they should go digital in this situation as well and resort to Kiasu Print?

Information that each paper or digital business card must include

In order to reach a conclusion, we need to discuss about each option and make a comparison. The result will show if paper business cards should stay relevant or if digital business cards should take over. Starting with the basics, every business card, regardless of the type, must contain specific information including logo and tagline, name and job title, contact details, official website and social media profiles.  However, even though you have to make sure that you include all the necessary data regarding your business or job, you should also keep in mind the importance of white space on a business card. Do not overcrowd it because nobody will want to even take a second look at it, which practically destroys its entire purpose, namely to connect with prospects. Thus, as long as you develop a creative and professional business card on, you might think that you will obtain the same effect regardless of the format, but things are a little different.

Paper vs. digital business cards: do we have a winner?

Paper business cards help you establish genuine connections because when talking with someone face to face, you have the possibility to look him or her in the eye, thus creating the foundation of a positive and solid relationship. Not having an encounter means that the prospect will not have any memory of you because he will receive the information in an impersonal way. A good business card helps you make a great first impression by fueling the conversation between you and the other person, if that conversation does happen. You should also consider that not all people embraced technology in today’s society meaning that even though you opt for digital business cards, you should also have a traditional one at hand, just in case. Of course, all smart phone users will be able to discover your information, but you should target both categories. It is common sense that digital business cards will help you seize opportunities online while benefiting from maximum exposure. In conclusion, the best decision is to combine them and use them both.