Enhancing the online experience: the benefits of a personal VPN

Enhancing the online experience: the benefits of a personal VPN

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With the Internet becoming a prominent industry, more and more people try to take advantage of certain flaws in the system. That way, they access data that should otherwise remain private. When users obtain an internet connection on a device, be it phone, laptop or PC, they automatically receive an Internet Protocol number, also known as IP. This number serves as identification, and when a person accesses a website, the website registers the exact location and saves all the data. This not only decreases the level of privacy, but also leaves way to serious security issues. In order to protect these two basic principles, the VPN (Virtual Private Network) appeared. Based on the idea that online exchange should be as secure or sealed as traditional post, VPN is now recommended. Using it has considerable advantages which can enhance the internet experience of all users.


The most crucial aspect of all, security is essential when browsing online. By using a VPN, users insure that the data they introduce on various web pages remains secure from possible hacker attacks. Although many people do not realize this, every username and password entered is exposed to a level of risk. Moreover, certain information is extremely sensitive, a good example being credit card numbers. Should a dangerous party gain access to it, the consequences would be negative. For this reason, VPN is incredibly beneficial. Basically, it creates a secure tunnel, so that the user’s information cannot be used for the wrong purposes.


Secondly, privacy is a very delicate matter when it comes to the online world. When connecting without the VPN, the website receives data and also uses it to its advantage. That way, the users will see advertisements or offers from the area they live in, which is not always desirable. What VPN does is that it blocks the IP and the web searches cannot be traced back to the user. Additionally, a VPN service guarantees privacy in wi-fi hot spots, which are not normally encrypted. Also, a lot of people are not comfortable with the idea that their web searches are saved. Sometimes, they might be embarrassing or simply private and it is the user’s right to decide when to protect some data using a Virtual Private Network.


This third benefit of the Virtual Private Network is the one that enriches the online experience the most. It extends the freedom of the users, allowing them to obtain an IP from another region. This opens endless possibilities and is very useful, especially when travelling abroad. With VPN, a person who lives in the USA, but goes to China, can get an American IP and thus have access to the website in the native region. As it is already known, not all sites are available everywhere. It is very unpleasant when one needs a certain service, but cannot use it because of censorship or geographical constraints. From this point of view, VPN breaks a significant barrier.

Last, but not least, VPN is the solution that successfully completes the benefits provided by firewalls and anti-viruses. In the end, these three together will optimize web browsing and insure that the user is protected from harmful attacks.