Finding engineering staff – how to overcome challenges

Finding engineering staff – how to overcome challenges

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Engineering is one of the few fields that has kept on providing stable career opportunities even in an unstable economic context and candidates in this field are known to benefit from sufficient job offers as soon as they graduate. On the other hand, employers are also in a good position, because they always have a vast work force to choose from and they can find qualified candidates. Having the option of choosing from thousands of enthusiastic candidates is a good thing, but it also means that they have to be more selective, use a range of carefully chosen differential criteria and maximise productivity to speed up the recruitment process. This can be quite complicated, so resorting to Toronto engineering recruitment is an excellent solution. Whether you want to entrust them with full control over the process or just contact them to have access to the best candidates in the field.


How to find relevant candidates?


Although the engineering field is a vast one, that doesn’t mean that all CVs you receive are from candidates’ experience are relevant for your particular vacancy. As useful as they might be, general online recruitment platforms are not always very useful, because the job you post might get hundreds of views from people who aren’t qualified. To maximise your chances of hiring exactly whom you need, work with a dedicated recruitment agency that can connect you with relevant workforce. They usually sort of candidate profile based on field and experience, thus narrowing down your options.


Coping with the lack of a human resource department


It is common knowledge that the existence of a human resource department in your company can streamline the process of finding the best engineer, but not all companies have the budget for it. In fact, start-ups and small businesses cannot justify the activity of a human resources department all year round, because it consumes too many resources. Therefore, business owners are advised to work with a specialised recruitment agency on short term, until they find the candidate that they are looking for. This way, the vacancy is filled with the help of a HR professional, but there are no long term financial commitments. A collaboration is also advisable because recruitment specialists are familiar with the requirements in each industry and they know how to match businesses with the best potential employees.


Choosing the best person for the job


Being a specialist in your field doesn’t always make you an HR expert. Managers should of course have a say in choosing the perfect candidate, but they shouldn’t go through the process alone. In most cases, an HR rep is better at understanding the qualities and shortcomings of the workforce and inform the manager whom to trust and whom to avoid. For example, the recruitment process becomes more efficient when overseen by someone with HR experience, because they know what questions to ask the candidate.