Getting your personal  VPN started

Getting your personal  VPN started

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A personal VPN is a communication technology. It is used to secure the online activities. A personal VPN hides the client’s information, like the IP, short for Internet Protocol. This way the sites or pages visited by the user are confidential, as well as the location.Therefore, one of the main benefits is security. Using a personal VPN, the users are able to connect to sites in other countries or regions. Installing a personal VPN is not at all a difficult process. There are two major operations, setting up the personal VPN server and the used computer. Here are some steps that have to be followed, so it is done correctly.

Setting up the personal VPN server

In order to use a personal VPN you have to create an incoming connection. This is used for connections to the internet, for example dial-up. This is easily done, by accessing the Network and Sharing Center. The Manage Network Connection is selected. Using the Alt key, the user can see the File Menu, then choosing File. The option New Incoming Connection will appear. The user can allow access to specific persons by clicking on Add Someone.

The next step is to click on the option Through the Internet. It is best to choose Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4). When this operation is completed, the Allow Access option will end the first step. The incoming connection has certain properties that have to be modified. Network Connections is opened and the choice Incoming Connections is double clicked. When Networking tab appeared, select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4). The next step is to give the IP adress.

Setting up the computer

The second major operation is preparing the actual computer, which uses the personal VPN. The user has to click on Open Network and Sharing Center and go to Set Up a Connection.  Use my Internet Connection is selected, after clicking on Connect to a Workplace. The user is required an IP adress and a destination. Then, a password and user name have to be decided on. Ending the operation will be done by Close.

The actual setting up of a personal VPN is not a hard procedure. However, the traffic that goes through the personal VPN has to be limited. This is done by modifying the VPN’s properties. The user has to change the Network to Internet Protocol(TCP/IP). By selecting the option Advanced, the user has to un-click Use Default Gateway on Remote Network. The user has to save the modifications, so it will be permanent.

Having a personal VPN has many advantages. The user benefits from a higher level of security. Also, the access to other online markets increases considerably. As shown, setting up can be done by anyone, but there are personal VPN services that can help users. Interested users can find personal VPN services at great prices on the specialized market. As the technology is changing, any user has to pay attention when purchasing. A good idea is to look for update products. This way a secure  online experience is very close.