How tech influenced driving a car

How tech influenced driving a car

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Living in an era of technology has both advantages and disadvantages. Considering that each sector of people’s lives is not governed by technology at some level, it was very predictable that it was soon going to take over cars as well. This is the reason why people nowadays are opting for cars that do almost everything by themselves: automatic transmission, voice control, GPS, automatic everything. It is also said that people are going to face soon cars that are driving themselves.

Some of these smart cars were already launched in several sides of the World. Yet, luxury cars such as the ones created by big brands like Mercedes or Audi are trying to include technology in their products without causing the drivers trouble in understanding how they work. This is the case of the new Audi Q7 and many more similar cars available on the market at the moment. You’d be amazed what Edmunds says about the Audi Q7 and you’ll surely be convinced to try it at least once in your life.

Pairing your phone with the car

What would be more convenient than pairing your phone with the car and being able to control some features using only your phone. Well, that is now possible if you thought about purchasing any luxurious car with a smart entertainment board included. Audi cars come equipped with an Audi Sound System that has SDXC slots available for extra capacity and USB ports ready to use. But there’s more – the system on Audi cars will also allow you to wirelessly stream audio from your own phone or other compatible devices.

Theft is no longer an issue

During the last few years, when technology developed so much, people took advantage of that and made almost everything possible. This is the case of the new Audio Theft Deterrent systems which will make you forget about worrying whether your car is safe or not at all times. There are many types of technologies able to help you take better care of your belongings, including your car. Especially if you spent a lot of money on purchasing a car that many thieves would definitely like to steal, try investing in these technologies if they are not already included in your car’s safety features.