How to find the best heavy-duty sewing machine for you

How to find the best heavy-duty sewing machine for you

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Heavy duty sewing machines can be defined as work horses, which means that they are dependable. Even though they are typically found in industry, they are also used for daily applications. But do you really need a heavy-duty sewing machine? Well, the fact is that sooner or later, you will need to mend a pair of jeans and a compact model will not help you very much. Top rated devices like the Janome HD3000 heavy-duty sewing machine are a good investment because they allow you to tend to buttonholes or quilting projects. If you want the best device there is, then make sure you know what you are purchasing. Take into consideration the following aspects before buying.


Unlike compact models, heavy-duty sewing machines will command a larger price. You will actually have to pay about 25% more than you would for a standard device used for stitching because the parts are also included. For this reason and many others, most brands introduce devices used for embroidery at an entry-level price of $350. However, it is not that uncommon to find devices that cost a couple of thousands of dollars. The point is that the higher the price is, the more reliable your device will be.

Consistent results

Unlike compact models, heavy-duty sewing machines should be capable of providing you consistent results regardless of the type of stitch that you are using. Some models even have up to 600 unique stitches that can be used with the simple touch of the button. Such devices are designed so as to help you create strong, stretchy seams that will support not only your clothing, but also curtains and other items. The main idea is that the device used for embroidery should ensure shelf results, which means that it should allow you to customize each single stitch in only a fraction of a second.

Can it handle leather?

If you love the look of custom leather, then you are probably ware of the fact that leather crafting is a difficult task. If you get only one stitch wrong, then you will not be able to use the material sitting in front of you anymore. When you are making a stitch in leather, you are actually creating a permanent hole in your product. What happens with most sewing machines is that the leather sticks to the presser foot or the throat plate. Therefore, you should make sure that the stitching device you buy will meet your needs. A great way to start is by reading online reviews. There you will find honest product ratings and also technical specifications. Only by visiting any review site will you discover that the best embroidery machine for leather is Janome HD3000.

Helpful features

Even though extensive features are not a must, they will come in handy. It is important to look for user-friendly features, like adjustable feed dogs. Adjustable feed dogs feed the fabric through regularly, which is helpful when you have to work with variable sizes. In addition to this, you should consider an embroidery machine that has an automatic threader because they will save you time when you work on heavier projects.