Looking for the best salon software: three tips worth considering

Looking for the best salon software: three tips worth considering

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Running a hair salon is never an easy task, especially in such a competitive field. Also, whenever you are working directly with people, problems tend to appear in a greater number and sometimes, these seem impossible to solve. Still, one mustn’t give up. If there is anything you need to remember is that technology can be on your side. There are management software options that can be used to sort things out within the company’s organization. A salon app or software is just the tool you need to make it in this highly competitive field. Using a few helpful tips, you should be able to find the best salon software there is and enjoy all its many benefits. Here are those pieces of advice, bound to be of a great help when looking for supportive tech tools.

Organizing time


Technology is really all about speed and luckily for you, the salon software is bound to give you just that. When the tool is trustworthy, it will bring forward an appointment-scheduling feature. By means of this characteristic, you will be able to better organize your work. Time is of the essence in any business, but when offering beauty services, this phrase tends to gain even more depth. With a dedicated application, you will be able to control all appointments, get an understanding as to how full your schedule is and forget all about those time consuming no-shows.

Technology makes communication simple


Finally you have a tool at your disposal that can help you establish strong client relationships.  Having these bonds built, will ensure you with a dedicated, faithful public, which, in business, is translated to profit. The client management feature is gold for hair salon staff, because it eases up the work tremendously. Imagine having an application that can provide you with all sorts of helpful pieces of information about your client, what she likes and dislike, what services she has tried so far and so on. Also, having a client database, running online marketing campaigns will be a piece of cake.

Always tracking down your products


Because there is always a lot of fuss and agitation in these hair salons, it might have happened to lose track of your products. You might have delayed the inventory a day or two, thinking that you have enough stock to satisfy all your clients’ needs. When you are wrong, clients tend to be disappointed, since you are promising to offer a service you cannot provide. Luckily, if you were smart enough to invest in the software equipped with the inventory-tracking feature, such situations won’t exist. The system will inform you when you are about to run out of a product.


A software packed with at least these three features is bound to provide you with numerous advantages that will completely change the way you run your business, for the better of course.


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How to Determine Social Media ROI

How to Determine Social Media ROI

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Knowing your return of investment on social media advertising will help you effectively manage and improve your marketing strategy, providing both useful insight into where you are going wrong, as well as your business’s most profitable strengths. The prospect of calculating your social media ROI may seem daunting, but there is actually a delightfully simple approach that can help you determine which social media outlets are bringing the most revenue and where you need to improve your efforts.

Why Measuring ROI is so Important

The main reason companies enter the social media arena is because it’s the very first place mentioned on virtually every website that is connected to marketing or business. Oftentimes, you’ll hear how certain companies have skyrocketed on social media outlets, and how you need to be active on sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. But if you’re not keeping track of what’s going on, how much is being spent and what results you are really getting, it’s difficult to say whether your efforts are paying off.

With that said, measuring your social media is important because:

● You’ll be able to determine which social media outlets are most profitable for you.
● You’ll see where you need to improve.
● You’ll have a clear idea of which specific changes are impacting your goals.
Define What You Want
Before you can truly measure your return, you need to establish your goals. They should be connected to a specific campaign and quantifiable. In a nutshell, your goals should be something you can link a numerical value to. For example:
● E-book downloads
● Purchases
● Email list sign-up

How to Measure Your Goals

Once you are clearly defined your goals, the next step to start tracking them. This is why it’s so important to set up goals that are based on visitors taking some sort of action. One of the easiest ways to monitor your goals is by using Google Analytics. On your Google Analytics dashboard, you first go to Acquisition>Social>Conversions. If you haven’t set up your goals yet, here is where you’ll be prompted to create them. Click on “Set Up Goals.”

Determine Which Platforms Are Best

to reach your social media goals, your strategies need to align perfectly with your platforms. Find out where your audience spends most of their time. Are they primarily on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? When determining a target market, you need to know which platforms they prefer and exactly how much time they are spending there. this is where you will set up the goal you decided on earlier. For example, if your goal is for newsletter signups, you’ll need to create a thank you page for when someone subscribes.

Get Tracking

You need to track the cost of ads, time spent and campaigns you’ve launched as part of your social media marketing plan. There are several ways to do this including free tools such as Google Analytics to paid program such a Simply Measured.

Review and Rethink

After you have all of the stats in front of you, then you can calculate your ROI and see the results of your marketing efforts, including what worked and what didn’t. If you weren’t satisfied with your results, we recommend trying out our social media scraper which will increase the effectiveness of your outreach.

Tracking you ROI isn’t impossible, but it does take planning and a well-organized strategy. And remember, the more organized your are, the more accurate your results will be.

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Website design – important things to consider

Website design – important things to consider

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In modern times, it is vital to design a website when you have a company, because it is the most effective way to reach to potential customers, and promote your services. When interested in finding a certain information, people look online mainly, because they find the answer to their questions easier. Therefore, if you want your business to be successful, you should consider discussing with a professional company that offers website design Toronto, because if you do not have a website, you should consider creating one. The website represents your company, so take your time to share your ideas with the developers, and do not launch it for public until you are not contempt with the result. In case you do not have the needed knowledge to know what aspects are important in designing an online platform for a company, you should take a look at the following list, because you will find all the information you need.

Design planning and architecture

This is one of the aspects, you have to consider before starting designing the website, because you have to know what you want it to accomplish. In addition, you should talk with the marketing team of your firm, and see what internet strategy you would use. On the web there are two types of people, some of them are interested in finding information, others have the needed knowledge and do not visit your website for doing research, because they are ready to act. Therefore, it would be ideal for your website to meet these two requirements, because in this way you are sure that you attract a large number of visitors.

Analyze the competition

Because the online and offline market is so varied, there are definitely other companies that provide the same services as you do, and they might have websites. Therefore, you should ask the developers to analyze the way they have their website designed, or you can do this by yourself. You have to check how they accomplish their goals, and if they are doing something different from the rest of the companies. After doing the analyse you have to discuss with the developers, and see what options you have if you want to set your website apart from the others.

Hire a SEO specialist

Sometimes the developers of the website might not have a thorough SEO knowledge, and they might not design it to be SEO friendly. You should not ignore this aspect, because SEO has the power to place your website in the top pages of the search engines, and potential clients would find it easier. Therefore, if the website developers are not able to offer you these services, then you should ask SEO professionals to check it, and optimise it. There are different SEO techniques they could use to optimise your website, and if you want to have success in the future, you can opt for an extended collaboration, because they offer not only onsite services but also off-site ones, for improving your rankings.

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Bitcoins – what can you actually buy with them

Bitcoins – what can you actually buy with them

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In the last few years, numerous merchants, some of them even worldly renowned have decided to accept bitcoin as a method of payment for the products and services they provide. Although there are still many people who do not know exactly what bitcoin is and how it can be used, the number of those who decide to resort to this type of virtual currency continues to increase by the day. This is also one of the reasons why platforms where you can buy and sell bitcoins instantly have emerged on the internet. Here is a list of things you can buy using this form of payment.

Use them on e-commerce sites to buy goods

It is worth mentioning that global computing giant Microsoft decided to add bitcoin as a means of payment on numerous online platforms back in 2014, which allowed people to use them in order to purchase content such as games, videos or apps from the giant’s platforms. Ever since, many other important companies have embraced the bitcoin trading method, thus giving people the possibility to pay for the goods they are interested in, using virtual currency.

You can book hotel rooms

Another amazing thing you can do with your bitcoins is to book hotel rooms. Recently, many hotels have announced that they now accept bitcoin transactions for all of their hotel bookings, integrating bitcoin into the list of payment options for their customers, next to Visa and PayPal. As a result, if you plan to travel to another country, you should definitely consider checking whether the hotel where you are going to stay for the period accepts bitcoin as a form of payment or not.

You can pay in restaurants and bars

Many managers of restaurants and bars have understood how important bitcoins have turned out to be and were impressed by people’s rapid increase of interest for this kind of payment, so they saw an opportunity in this and decided to allow their customers to pay for their orders with bitcoins. It is true that for the moment there are not so many restaurants and bars that have allowed this to happen, but experts believe the number will significantly increase in the near future, so keep an eye on your favourite restaurant to see when they will allow bitcoin payments.

You can buy different services

You already know that you can use bitcoins to buy the products and goods you are interested in from your favourite providers, but did you know that you could use this form of currency to buy services as well? A popular direct-broadcast satellite service provider in the US announced it has accepted bitcoin payments, which means that now millions of pay-TV subscribers can opt for spending their bitcoins to pay for this type of services. Big companies from other domains have resorted to similar actions, thus making bitcoins more popular with each day.

Overall, these are only several examples of ways in which you can spend your bitcoins, not to mention that there are many advantages that come with using bitcoins as a means of payment.

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E-Commerce: a safe and convenient business

E-Commerce: a safe and convenient business

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E-Commerce, the short for Electronic Commerce, is a simple and convenient way of purchasing on-line and has emerged with the evolution of it and social media. Nowadays, trading via computer network is more common than traditional trading and new types of business emerged: online shopping, business-to-business services and online banking services are many of the solutions e-commerce is offering. iCommerce, for example, is specialized in business to customer trading services.

Form the concept to the final product

To develop an e-commerce platform you need the primary idea that is going to be developed into a business. In order to create a successful online brand you need a clear vision about the services or products you are going to provide. Combined with a smart online marketing strategy, the success is almost guaranteed. If you only have the concept but do not have the necessary expertise, our advice is to seek consultancy from experts. Generally, they are going to provide all the services you need, from creating a business plan and a marketing strategy, to giving your new brand visibility on different networks. In addition, many companies will make a website for your business and provide web design services as well. Create facile access to your platform via desktop or smartphone apps. The login process should be easy and not require a lot of information, for example, it can be via e-mail or a social media account. Make sure you provide the security of client’s personal data (address, full name, bank account, for example). If your business is based on selling, trading services should be one of your concerns. In order to create a trustworthy brand, you need to find a third party to do the delivery for you. Developing your own trading services is somewhat expensive and it might not be reliable for a start-up business.

Additional services are the key to build a trustworthy brand

In on-line trust is a big issue, due to the large number of impostors. Real products that do not resemble the on-line version, delayed delivery intervals, products damaged while shipping are some of the reasons many brand were not a success in on-line marketing. Finding a reliable trading company will give you an advantage on the market. Short delivery terms, preferably next day delivery, payment at the delivery with the possibility of checking at delivery the package, as well as free return services will create a good image for your brand on the market. A customer support service will also create a very professional image for your enterprise. These type of services can be expensive with multiple subcontractors, so, our advice is to find a company that can provide all those services for you.

Visual concept is also important

A logo to remember is a way to individualize your brand on the market. A user-friendly interface is often one of the reasons clients choose some services instead of others. Make sure you hire experts to deal with these problems.

If you have a reliable concept, there is no reason not to start an on-line business. Above is a list of important elements to follow in that case. Do yourself some research, have a chat with a couple of experts, and start your business!

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Selecting a cloud backup provider: a decision worth looking into

Selecting a cloud backup provider: a decision worth looking into

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When it comes to business decisions, these have to be carefully studied. Options need to be analysed, compared and only after should the decision be made. This way, you will gain the peace of mind that you have made the right choice, not to mention that you will easily enjoy a great deal of benefits. By now, you must have heard of cloud backup. This solution is one that enjoys a great deal of popularity and appreciation. There is a growing number of companies that have decided to collaborate with various UK cloud backup providers in order to protect their work. Cloud management is a domain that will continue to gain appreciation for the simple fact that it offers protection. This is a highly praised feature in today’s business society. Competition in all sectors is high, companies are always trying to be one step ahead. Thus, protecting data is a must. When searching for a partner of this kind, you will most certainly discover that options come in a large and as mentioned before, attention to detail is necessary when deciding upon anything.

Mind reputation

It is very important to collaborate with highly reputable companies that have built a strong and positive image. Reputation is not something that appears overnight. It takes a lot of effort, hard work and determination to build it. When you do locate a highly reputable company you may rest assured that the services offered are bound to be professional.

Study the solution offered

Considering that cloud backup is really an IT solution, studying details is important. It is advisable for your in-house IT team to have a look at the software offered. This way, you will have the confirmation of an expert that the solution found is indeed professional, suitable for your company. A stable, complex, user friendly, innovative software is the solution you are interested in. Make sure you study the technical details of the solution. Remember that this step should be completed by an actual expert.

Variety counts!

As mentioned before, all businesses need security these days. They simply cannot do without. When seeking a trustworthy provider, you might want to check the list of former clients. This will give you an idea regarding the versatility of the provider. The more varied the list of clients is, the better it will be for you. Diversity means that the solution has been tested in different fields of operations, presumably having satisfied different needs and expectations, which is a great advantage for you.








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Software Development: Where the IoT Money Really Sits

Software Development: Where the IoT Money Really Sits

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For all that we’ve heard about the Internet of Things (IoT), it would seem that there is a tremendous amount of money to be made in a digital environment with very few boundaries. Actually, there is. It’s just that the money is not sitting where most people think it is. Rather than profits being generated by device manufacturers and the computer chips that power the IoT, the real money is in software development. More specifically, it is a nearshore software development.


The early years of the IoT as a business model saw manufacturers competing for dominance with their latest and greatest devices. Everyone from the cell phone maker to the major appliance company was reaching out to customers in the hope of attracting them with the connectivity of those devices. But hardware is cheap.


We have done such a good job of mastering the mass production beast that we can produce tons of equipment and hardware for next to nothing. And what we cannot produce affordably here can certainly be manufactured in China. That means profit margins on hardware and IoT-ready devices are virtually nonexistent. Every company investing in the next connected device (and there are now literally billions of the active worldwide) will be lucky to break even, let alone make a profit. To make money in the IoT, you have to play in the software development arena.


Universal Connectivity and Service Platforms


As evidence that software development is the moneymaking machine in IoT technology, consider the reality that Cisco spent $1.4 billion to acquire a much smaller company named Jasper earlier this year (2016). Jasper’s claim to fame is a cloud-based IoT service platform that makes it possible for device manufacturers to effectively monetize their IoT technologies worldwide.


The biggest challenge of the IoT is one of universal service and connectivity. Hardware and device manufacturers all have ways of doing things, resulting in various ways of communicating over the Internet. Their devices do not play together very well if they don’t utilize the same communication methods. Companies such as Jasper have stepped in with software development to create platforms that offer universal service and connectivity. Cisco’s lavish spending to acquire Jasper shows just how important this is.


Cloud Computing Environments


Equally important to the IoT are the cloud computing environments that make mobile computing possible. And this is where nearshore software development really shines. Where companies such as Microsoft and Amazon laid the foundation for cloud development a decade ago, smaller tech companies are picking up the torch and carrying it into the future. It is that collection of domestic and nearshore software developers that are creating the cloud-based platform and flexible APIs necessary to effectively utilize the IoT for good.


Big Data Ties It All Together


Last but not least is the reality that without Big Data, the IoT would be virtually useless as a marketing tool. But Big Data itself is still a relatively new beast. Making it work in the era of the IoT requires creative and innovative software developers capable of figuring out how to use all of the data collected by billions of devices.


Once again, nearshore software development is a big part of this. In countries like Mexico and Argentina, the supply of young, tech-savvy workers are far more than we have available here. And these young people are the kinds of innovators the industry needs to exploit Big Data.


The real money in the IoT is in software. Is it any wonder we are seeing an explosion of companies south of our border offering nearshore software development? Not really.

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Guide to developing an E-commerce website

Guide to developing an E-commerce website

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Developing an ecommerce website can prove to be extremely beneficial for many businesses, but there are many steps to take and certain risks involved. It takes some time, money and effort until you can manage to turn your project into reality. From choosing the right eCommerce web design services, to taking all the security precautions necessary, you need to think a few aspects through. Here is a short guide of what developing this type of website involves.

Hire a team of experienced web developers

If you have decided to put together an ecommerce website, then the first step in the process is finding and hiring a team of fully qualified and experience web developers that can take your ideas and turn them into reality. Because designing an ecommerce website is a bit more difficult than a standard one, you need to choose your web developer carefully. Think about aspects such as longevity, reputation and experience before choosing a web design company or another. Although, the market offers a wide selection of web development offers, not all companies provide the same work quality. Research is key in this situation, so take the time needed to find yourself a company that is worth your trust, and of course your money.


If you are planning to do ecommerce, then you should know that the initial investment should consist of a significant amount of money. Besides the financial aspect involved, you should also know that such a project will consume a lot of your time. If the development of a traditional online platform might take some time, designing an ecommerce one may take even twice as much. Of course, this detail can depend on the web design company you choose to work with, but if you want everything to look perfectly, then you should allocate the project enough time and money. You need to be certain that you can afford the investment required, and only then you can move on with the project.


Protecting consumers’ information is a crucial aspect, and this is why it is required to implement certain security protocols by using encryptions. You must obtain the required certificate, which implies a unique IP address, advance registration and a recurring fee.

Plan ahead

When it comes to developing an ecommerce website, you must be extremely organized, and think about any possible inconvenience or issue. Find out all there is to know about the legal, security, and fundamental financial matters with enough time in advance, because you need to be familiar with all the details involved. Think about merchant accounts, payment getaways, sales tax, and all other relevant aspects.

Developing an ecommerce website can prove to be extremely profitable for your business, but that means putting in the effort required and paying close attention to any important detail. If you wish to give this idea a go, make sure you take into account the details mentioned above. Success might just be around the corner, if you keep in mind some useful tips.

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Secure your business data today – choose online backup

Secure your business data today – choose online backup

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If you want your business to achieve success, you should know that it is a combination of many things, like a good budgeting plan, experienced employees and a right IT set-up. In the majority of cases, business managers are focusing on the first ones, and forget about the last, which is in many of the situations the one that has the power to make or break a business. You should not waste your time investing in the basics and forget about the bigger picture, because if you want your business to grow in the future, and be secure in case something wrong happens, you should consider online backup UK. As with any business, the data regarding your company is very important, and you have to be sure that you have access to it, even if an accident happens. The best way to do this is to hire online data backup services.

What online data backup implies?

You might not have experience in this domain, but you should know that online backup is a process, which implies storing copies from your data on an offsite remote server. You have two options in this situation, to invest in your own infrastructure and hardware or to contract a third party provider. You should know that the majority of companies that need online backup choose to contract a third-party provider, because it offers many advantages.

Secure your business from physical damage

You might think that in case of physical damage, your data will not be affected, but if you think thoroughly, you will realise that once the storage equipment is broke, you also lose the information. Therefore, if you choose to store your data on a copy on an external server, you can be sure that your information is safe in case of flooding or fire. In addition, you should know that even a small accident like throwing coffee on a keyboard could lead to data loss.

Avoid hard drive crashes

In case you are in the business for many years, your equipment might be old, and specialists state that the lifespan of a computer is no longer than five years, so if yours are older, they might break at a certain point and you might lose all your information. Because you try to save money, you might not replace the equipment from your company every five years, because you consider it functional, but if you choose not to upgrade it, it is crucial to have it stored on an off-site server.

Be secured from theft, viruses and malware

Depending on the domain you provide your services, you might experience at a certain point, data theft, and you have to be sure that you can recover all the information in order to be able to run your company. In addition, in modern times almost every company could experience cybercrime problems, so you have to be sure that if you have to deal with viruses or encryption, you would be able to recover your data.


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How to avoid disappointment when working with bespoke software developers

How to avoid disappointment when working with bespoke software developers

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Although pricier, bespoke software is gaining ground against off-the-shelf software, as enterprise owners are starting to understand that success is dependent on creativity and flexibility. This trend is definitely encouraging, as it increases chances of progress, especially among small start-ups, but one must still keep in mind that the mere selection of a professional software developer may not always guarantee the best results. As you can read on this page, software development is a complex process where all the clogs need to move seamlessly together and in the same direction in order to work. Unpleasant situations can occur even when the developer is good at their job, so here are some tips to communicate effectively, stay organised and avoid disappointment.

Tell your developer exactly what you want – spare no details

Client-developer communication is vital in the software creation process. To get the exact product you need, you should have a detailed discussion with your provider in advance and tell them how you expect your software to work. Answer big picture questions, such as what its purpose is, who will use it, what features do you need, but don’t hesitate to be specific either. The more information you offer, the more the developer will understand your vision and give it shape.

Create a long term development plan

Even the simplest applications can take a long time to develop, so establish a larger time frame. Discuss with your developer the possibility of splitting the process into several steps and give feedback after each one. This way, if you do not like something or want it modified, it’s easier to do. Ideally, you should have weekly or bi-monthly meetings with developer(s) to discuss progress and brainstorm ideas.

Pay attention to UX and UI

When building the perfect software, functionality is the most important, but do not underestimate the impact of user experience and user interface. After all, a solid application can receive bad reviews because it is unintuitive and difficult to interact with. No matter if the end user is one of your clients or a member of the staff, pick a design that everyone can understand easily. This way, you reduce the need to extensive training or frequent customer support.

Invest in user testing

Contrary to common belief, user testing is not something that occurs when the development is over and you’re running out of time to launch the product. Testing is an integral part of the process and should be done methodically and regularly, not just at the end. This way, if there are any bugs, they will be detected and fixed on time. In addition to bug detection, user testing is important because you can get valuable feedback regarding software design, functionality and user experience.

Last, but not least, remember that you can get a quality product only if you work with a professional software development agency, preferably one that has worked on similar projects before and is capable of handling advanced enterprise requirements.

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