Signs Free Money System is a scam

Signs Free Money System is a scam

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In the world of binary options, success is all about speculating and making wise choices. If you want to stay connected to the market anytime and find out constantly which the best tendencies are, then you need to collaborate with a professional broker and use an automated robot. In the past years, these have become increasingly popular, particularly because they enable traders to make money without actually staying in front of their computer for hours. Nowadays robots are extremely popular, but this can be a double edges sword for users: on the one hand, they can pick from a wide variety of alternatives, but on the other, it is quite difficult to select a reliable piece of software instead of a scam. For instance, at the moment one of the most controversial robots is Free Money System. You may be wondering why that is so, and the answer is simple: it provides too many benefits, so its conditions are considered too good to be true. Here are some of the signs that have raised suspicions among users and binary options experts.

Its services are free

Basically, the services offered by this application are free of any charge, hence its name. The software is aimed to support users by providing them signs when the market is beneficial for a profitable trade. This is based on a complex algorithm, too difficult for traders to understand, which analyses tendencies and alerts users as soon as a profitable opportunity is identified. So far, so good – calculating the probability of winning is generally what most automated robots do. However, what is really weird is that unlike other applications, this one is absolutely free. At first glance, this robot seems to be completely oriented towards its clients, but there has to be a catch. Since it is impossible to receive a service without having to pay for it, once you caret an account you discover that if you use he alerts and make money, you need to give a share to Free Money System. This means that even if you do not have to pay to create an account, you must pay a percent when you actually win something. Of course, the since we are speaking about a percentage, the amount will vary depending on the sum you gain. This is somehow justified, the question is: why does the robot intents to make it look as if their services are free, while you will have to pay once you make money?

It provides unclear information and contact details

Another misleading thing about Free Money System is that the robot claims it can help internet traders make easy money, just by the click of their mouse. Apparently, this means that the simple use of internet and some small amendments can earn you huge amounts and no efforts. In case you have any questions related to this simple practice, the normal thing to do would be asking for more details. However, the official web page of the robot is questionable. There is no contact number or email address you can use, thus you will have no interaction with any person.