Tips for successful exhibition and trade show stands  

Tips for successful exhibition and trade show stands  

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Running an exhibition stand is quite difficult, especially if you are planning to have it during a trade show. There are probably going to be plenty of other similar stands around yours, so given such a fierce competition, you have to do something to stand out of the crowd. Direct promotion is known to be one of the most efficient advertising strategies, so remember to make the best out of it. When participating in a trade show, it seems that the key to success is making sure you manage to attract people towards your stand and have as many visitors as possible. Only this way they can convince themselves about the quality of the products or goods you are offering. Experts claim there is an art of arranging exhibition stands, so here are some useful tips you can implement:

Use quality materials

A lot of people think an exhibition stand is just a small table, a panel placed on in the background and some flyers or posters, but this is completely false. The success of such an establishment lies in the quality of the set and the promo materials you use. For this reason, remember to invest in the right products which can appeal the public because they deliver a professional message. It is a huge mistake not to check the information written on the flyers or the quality of the paper used for printings: if these look cheap, you have already lost the interest of your audience. In addition to this, you should try to choose furniture and accessories that look neat and professional: a large table that must not be cluttered under any circumstance and some display boards are a great suggestion.

Create a joyful atmosphere

Regardless the products or services you are displaying or advertising, remember that you have to find a balance between professionalism and friendliness. Have your promotional staff wear elegant outfits, but tell them to always be smiley and eager to help. No one wants to meet grumpy people who cannot answer their questions, so make sure your people are prepared and skilled. If the event allows it, you can even get creative and try some original strategies of attracting customers: experiment with lighting, organise some interactive games, play music and eye catching videos on a display screen. All these will lead to a joyful atmosphere, which will definitely help you get a higher number of visitors on your stand.

Keep tracking

In the rush of the moment, you may forget to evaluate the situation. However, remember that most great businesses do not rely on the fact that they are going to sign contracts or sell products there and then. Generally, the key performance indicator for an exhibition stand is the number of visitors, who are likely to become customers in the period following the event. That is why you should keep tracking of your stand traffic and even get contact details from people who seem interested in a potential collaboration.