Why are floating speakers such a good investment?

Why are floating speakers such a good investment?

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When it comes to technology, there are always new gadgets and devices that appear on the market. Those aficionados for technology like to be up to date with the latest trends and they are always looking to add some new gadgets to their “tech collection”. One of the devices that should not miss from any geek’s collection is the floating speaker. Believe it or not, these levitating sound speakers have become more and more popular in the past years, so in case you are interested in purchasing one yourself, you should do some research online and read some detailed reviews first. Here are the main reasons why these speakers are worth the money.

Great 360-degree sound projection

One of the many reasons why it is a good idea to invest money in a floating speaker is for its high quality sound. The speaker provides 360-degree sound projection, which allows you to benefit from the best quality whenever you listen to your favorite music. The speaker has no “back”, as it happens in the case of those old speakers, and since it levitates above the subwoofer, the sound is not altered in any way. As a result, no matter in what corner of the room you sit, you will benefit from the same great sound quality.

Long-lasting battery

Another great advantage of these levitating speakers is the fact that you can listen to music at them for nearly eight hours. You can throw the best parties at your house with the aid of these devices, because they are designed to last for several hours. You can easily recharge them afterwards.

Bluetooth connection and wireless devices

It is important to remember that these speakers are wireless, which means that you do not have to worry about that bunch of wires spread all over the room anymore. Moreover, these devices provide bluetooth connection, which makes it easier to connect them to a smartphone, a tablet, a PC or any other device that also provides bluetooth connection.

Yes, they do float!

Well, probably the best reason why you should consider investing money in such a speaker is for its outstanding floating ability. These speakers can actually float due to some built-in magnets that are placed both in the ball of the speaker and in the base. Those magnets reject each other the moment the speaker is turned on and attract each other when it is turned off, thus preventing the ball of the speaker to fall off the base. Floating speakers can double as impressive decorating items as well and they can definitely be a conversation starter.

Different designs

There are numerous floating speakers available on the market nowadays and they come in different designs, colors and sizes. You can opt for a black floating speaker, a white, or a pink one or you can go for a Star Wars themed floating speaker. No matter what you opt for, make sure the provider you select is a professional and reliable one in order to benefit from the best results.